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You acknowledge that there are no refunds or proration at anytime. We do not guarantee content at any time or that you will be able to stream because it’s dependent on your device, your maintenance of your network and which apps you choose to use.  We don’t provide support of any kind other than our members who volunteer in Telegram chat support. This means we do not do email or phone support. Do not subscribe unless you agree that there are no refunds ever. 

You need the Telegram app for our chat support, you can get it here. You need to download the Telegram app before clicking on the link below. Please be specific and respectful when using our chat, we want to assist you and we will.

The link to our main support chat is in every subscriber welcome email. We do not publish it online. You must use your email link for main chat. The telegram chat on the site only leads to a welcome chat which will not assist you. 

Do not subscribe if you won’t use the Telegram chat support—-due to volume we cannot support by email. We cannot check your account thru email—it must be done thru our chat support. 

No content or certain amount of channels is ever guaranteed.  Our service provides technical means to access various content. Any listed services are subject to change based on availability and on our sole discretion without any prior notice.  We are not responsible for the accessible content, and you retain all responsibility for any and all third-party fees, as well as business or personal risks and liabilities related to use of data that you access using our apps or sites. We do not guarantee speed of delivery, nor quality due to the fact we do not host any of the content, nor do we control your devices and internet speed.  You may need to troubleshoot your network or download different apps for the best experience. Content is delivered from servers out of our control. We do not support, teach or condone recording. The service is a timed subscription that deteriorates every second until it runs out. We reserve the right to cancel your sub if you are disrespectful to staff or admins and will permanently ban from using the service and support if you are in violation of the chat rules or file chargebacks.   
If you do not agree with the above terms and conditions, kindly do NOT subscribe.
Telegram Chat Support